Women Leading the Energy Transition

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Date and time
May 20, 2022 09:00 - 18:00

Women Leading the Energy Transition

Join the one-day event Women in the Energy Transition to meet and be inspired by women leading the energy transition, to deepen your understanding of how the energy transition is changing the nature of cross-industry collaboration, and to lay the foundation for creating more influence for yourself and other women to create a faster, more proactive transition. We welcome all but encourage participation of women with at least five years of experience who are working in:

  • Both fossil- and renewable-based energy generators and distributors, including utilities and policymakers
  • Recent entrants into the energy transition landscape that are creating a sustainable, renewable-energy-based future by offering real and virtual storage development
  • Industries increasingly affiliated with demand response and flexibility, for example: energy-intensive industry, the automotive and mobility industries, logistics and transport, telecommunication, real estate and building management, automation and control services, electrical manufacturing and infrastructure and information systems management.

More information about topics, speakers and organisation in the following link. Tickets available (fee: 100 €). The funds will go to a good cause and participants will receive a complimentary free month of online 75inQ career coaching.

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