'DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: 1+1=3' by Renate Schreiber

The “DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: 1+1=3” webinar took place on the 16th of February and it focused on the power of diversity & inclusion in business, which is well researched and documented: companies and teams scoring high on D&I have stronger business performance, outperform their peers, have more innovation revenue, etc etc – they are simply smarter. This improved performance is unlocked through the development of diverse teams and inclusive culture. Social scientist Scott Page refers to the Diversity Bonus or otherwise phrased, ‘1+1=3’, where a team made up of diverse members can create a far greater result than teams of identical members.

The webinar included 2 parts, the first part was an inspiring presentation from our speaker, and for the second part, all the participants were separated into different digital rooms with 4-5 participants per room, in which they had the chance to share and discuss the times when their unconscious bias led to making a costly decision. 

Renate Schreiber’s career with Fugro spans over 20 years, with experience in various operational and management roles, mostly in the offshore arena. Having started as offshore data processor and party chief, she has filled roles such as operations manager, managing director and regional business line director, mainly in the African and European regions. Renate holds a MSc (Appl Sc) in GIS and a BA (Hons) in Psychology, and being German by birth, she has spent time living in Germany, Namibia, South Africa and the Netherlands.

Through her extensive operational experience, coupled with her appreciation for client needs, Renate is able to formulate successful strategies to grow the business into profitable new ways of working. She has an inclusive leadership style and is able to build high performing teams with enthusiasm for innovation. Renate was appointed into her current role in 2019, driving the Marine Asset Integrity strategy, focussed on positioning Fugro to lead the transition of the business towards remote & autonomy.


Renate’s presentation was mainly focused on:

1) Explaining how diverse teams can take better and faster decisions.

 2) How gender diversity increases innovation.

 3) How a comfort zone is bad for performance

 4) The relationship between Diversity and Inclusion


If you missed it, you can know watch the first part (presentation) of DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: 1+1=3 in our new YouTube channel


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