New Vacancies at TU Delft

Many new vacancies have been opened in academic and technical roles. We would like to share them with all of you and encourage you to apply and/or to share the vacancies with your network. We have collected the information and links for the vacancies in our website. 

TU Delft

1. Seven Assistant Professors positions have opened on an interesting range of geo-related topics to develop novel and innovative research themes.

The application process is online and applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis. For information about the procedure, you can contact 


2.  Three positions in the framework of DAPwell, the geothermal well at TU Delft campus are also available (Deadline October 2nd 2022):

a. Geologist 

b. Core Technician 

c.Operational Project Manager

TU Delft, Aardyn, Shell and EBN are taking an important step forward in the energy transition and are installing a geothermal source on the TU Delft campus. This source provides both the campus and a number of neighbourhoods in Delft with sustainable heat. A unique project in which a sustainable geothermal source is exploited on the TU Delft campus and at the same time is linked to a major scientific research program at TU Delft.


TU Delft has landed a new website where all the geoscience-related positions can be found. There you can find all the open vacancies and information about them


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