Upcoming events !

Upcoming events !

Pay attention to all the events that are coming to GAIA!

From GAIA, we want to offer a variety of online events for the first semestre of the year. Next week (16th February), in collaboration with EAGE Women in Geoscience & Engineering Netherlands, we will have an interactive webinar with Renate Schreiber (Fugro) about Diversity and Inclusion:

Companies and teams scoring high on diversity & inclusion have stronger business performance, outperform their peers, have more innovation revenue, etc. – they are simply smarter. But how can we create diverse teams?

Check the event site for further information about the event.

But this is not all... So far, for the following moths we are already working on:

8th of March : Internation Women's Day

18th of March : ALV (General member assembly) GAIA

8th and 9th April : GAIA/EAGE at NAC

20th of April : 'Men advocating change' featuring Prof. Evert Slob (TU Delft)

May/June : GAIA/EAGE at Women in Energy

June : 'Our Role in inspiring the next generation - part 2' by Rachel Scully


We will let you know about the details of all the events. Keep posted, check the website and follow our updates in the social media 


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