Women Leading the Energy Transition

Las Friday, May 25th, the event Women Leading the Energy Transition took place in Rotterdam. In this piece, we would like to gather some posts that summarise what this event meant for its attendees, and share with others some interesting outputs from the meeting.


Some quotes from the different speakers by Manuela Damant:

''Don't wait to be discovered.'' by Afkenel Schipstra
''You don't have to step outside your current career to get involved in the energy transition.'' by Chantal van Schaik

 And more by following this link to the original publication.


Talk by Doriane Bosman

“Combating climate change is something no one has done before. We know where we want to end up, but the road to get there is very complex. Displaying a typically masculine quality such as confidently going in a certain direction and sticking to it, that's definitely not going to help."

Follow this link to read the article that AD wrote about it.


One of the organisers and speakers at the event was the founder of GAIA, Anouk Creusen, who has gathered the highlights of the event on this LinkedIn post. 




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