Organisational activities

Over the past period, plans and progress within every organisation have been discussed during regular working dinners with ambassadors and contact persons, who learned from each other’s experiences and inspirational actions. A special activity was guided by every ambassador of a ‘mentoring circle’ with beta-women from their own organisation, so that experiences, challenges and possible solutions could be exchanged as ‘mentor’ and ‘mentees’. Meetings with ambassadors, contact persons and HR consultants include a role-playing exercise to increase awareness of gender issues in communication and a workshop about the unwritten rules of pursuing a career and the different ways to exercise ‘power’ on the work place. During the meetings organisations increased their overall understanding of the situation of – and opportunities for – women. They also received concrete tips on how to let a more diverse group of people to pursue a career, such as seeing through different approaches to achieve the same result, appreciating well-progressing work instead of just ‘extinguished fires’ and distinguishing between humility and ignorance.

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