Background information, the position of women and women studies

  • WomenInc: WOMEN Inc. is a network for all women who want to empower themselves and each other.
  • Vrouweninfo: It provides current information about women and women studies.
  • Vrouwen Wetenschap: A gateway to knowledge about women and science.
  • Vereniging voor Vrouwengeschiedenis: A platform for gender history (including both women and men) and is aimed at academics, students, teachers and everyone who is interested in gender history.
  • LNVH: The Dutch Network of Women Professors (LNVH) is a center of expertise in gender diversity and a lobby and network organization.
  • Open Colleges has created a handy timeline and some useful statistics to get you up to date.

Earth Science education

Dutch women's networks

  • Alle Vrouwennetwerken: A website that gathers all the female networks in The Netherlands
  • NVR: An umbrella organization of women's organizations.
  • Vrouwen.Net: A platform for women's organizations and women who want to make use of new media and information technology.
  • Atria: Institute on gender equality and women's history provides descriptions of and links to websites that provide information concerning the position of women and women studies.
  • Vrouweninfo: Current information about women and women studies.
  • VHTO: Association for Women and Higher Technical Education.
  • VWI: Female network of Engineers in Wageningen.
  • VVAO: Dutch Association for highly educated women.
  • Vrouwen Milieu: Center for women and the environment.
  • Business and Professional Women
  • Young Women of Geoscience (YWOG): Events and assistance for young female geoscientist that works mainly in Utrecht University.

Foreign women networks

  • EPWS: European Platform of Women Scientists.

Foreign geoscientific women networks

  • Women in Geoscience and Engineering EAGE: The EAGE WGE community is the network of members – both women and men – interested in supporting gender equity in the fields of geoscience and engineering. Events and education resources.
  • AWG: Association for Women Geoscientists.
  • SEG Women's Network
  • Women in Mining: This organization is dedicated to educating students, teachers and the general public about the importance of minerals.
  • AAWG: African Association of Women in Geosciences.
  • AAPG Women's Network: Group dedicated to promoting the technical and professional prowess of AAPG's women members.
  • ESWN: Earth Science Women's Network.
  • IAWG: Irish Association from Women in Geosciences.
  • Mujeres y Geología SGE: Group for the empowerment of women geoscientists in Spain. 
  • Geolatinas: Group that works on embracing, empowering, and inspiring Latinas to pursue and thrive in careers in Earth and Planetary Sciences.
  • WING: Women in Geothermal, Promoting the education, professional development, and advancement of women in the geothermal community.

Earth Science Societies and working groups

  • KNGMG: Royal Dutch Geological and Mining Society.
  • KNAG: Royal Dutch Geological and Mining Society.
  • NHV: Dutch Hydrological Society.

Dutch jobs links

  • All Dutch job listings
  • Intermediair
  • Academictransfer: Vacancies at universities, and links to other companies, institutions and non-Dutch universities and similar.
  • Studentlinks: Links for students. With information about internships and jobs.
  • Ecojob: A national bureau specializing in staffing, secondment and recruitment of staff for the environmental sector.
  • Delta: A national bureau specializing in staffing, secondment and recruitment of staff for the environmental sector.
  • Inframatch: A job bank for infrastructure divided into the following sections: road engineering, construction, geotechnical engineering, agricultural engineering, planning, traffic engineering, environmental and starters.
  • NWP: The Netherlands Water Partnership, has on its site a search engine that lets you search the sites of all members of the NWP, so that when you search for jobs, you get the job pages of all companies in the Netherlands in the field of water.

Non-Dutch jobs links

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