September 2020 - Networking in the COVID-19 era

September 2020 - Networking in the COVID-19 era

The “Networking in the COVID-19 era”  webinar took place on the 23rd of September and it regarded learning how to network digitally during COVID-19 times. The online workshop included two parts, the first part was an inspiring presentation from our speaker, Aletta (Nikoleta) Filippidou, and for the second part, all the participants were separated into different digital rooms with 3-4 participants per room, in which they had the chance to practice their social skills and ask questions.  

Aletta Filippidou has a PhD in Geophysics and she is currently working for Shell in the sector of New Business Development. She is the co-founder of Wash Separately, specialized in tailor-made coaching solutions; career advice, negotiation skills, resume editing, strategic thinking, stakeholder mapping. She is also an ex-member of the advisory board for 75inQ, that has the mission to accelerate the energy transition by bringing Gender-Balance to the top.
Dr. Filippidou’s presentation was mainly focused on:

  1. What is a network
  2. How to build an efficient network for professional purposes. 
  3. Creating a network map. 
  4. Tips and tricks for the implementation of your networking plan. 
  5. Definition of networking opportunities. 
  6. Small talk techniques.

The webinar was a fantastic opportunity for women in Geoscience & Engineering to get together, get to know each other and develop new approaches on how to execute personal research for the benefit of their career, as well as their social life. 


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