January 2021 - ‘Our role in inspiring the next generation – part 1’ by Rachel Scully

January 2021 - ‘Our role in inspiring the next generation – part 1’ by Rachel Scully

The “Our role in inspiring the next generation” webinar took place on the 20th of January and it focused on the exploration and celebration of the diversity of our own backgrounds. By using Rachel’s and our personal stories together with recognizing ourselves as role models, we had the chance to evaluate what we can give back to our community.

The webinar included 2 parts, the first part was an inspiring presentation from our speaker, and for the second part, all the participants were separated into different digital rooms with 3-4 participants per room, in which they had the chance to share and discuss what the diversity of their skills can give back to society.

Rachel Scully is a Geoscience technology manager for Shell who has spent the past 20+ years working alongside geoscientists and software developers in several locations and companies globally, ensuring that geoscientists are making the best out of the technology they use to solve their technical challenges. In 2018, Rachel won the Sunday Times scholarship to study for an MA in leadership at Henley Business school. Throughout her program she has had the opportunity to work closely with schools to deliver STEM careers workshops and provide strategies to assist students studying from home during COVID. Rachel will build on her personal and leadership experiences to look at how we can all contribute to inspiring the next generation of females into STEM roles.

Rachel Scully’s presentation was mainly focused on:
1) A story of her own path and exploration, from school and childhood up to professional career and family.
2) How your failures can open new paths and opportunities.
3) How you can implement what you have learned in life to inspire and guide the new generation.


Remember that there will be a second part of this webinar in June. Keep updated via our social media and website and feel free to join Rachel in her next presentation.


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