Update over LinkedIn-gebruik / Update on LinkedIn use

Update over LinkedIn-gebruik / Update on LinkedIn use

In the last months we have tried to reactivate the social media coverage from GAIA. Regarding this, we want to share with you some news about the use of our profiles in LinkedIn.

One of GAIA's purposes is to create a network of women in Earth Sciences. We consider that LinkedIn is the best platform to promote and share our events, to connect with each other and to give voice to the members. This social network allows us to keep you inform in a fast and effective way (together with the emails and website). This is why we have created some guidelines for the use of our profile and private group.

What is the difference between the profile and the private group?

In GAIA's profile, we are going to share the awareness events (open events) we organize and events from other associations, together with news that we consider might be interesting for our followers. This way, members and other people can also share with their networks the activities that we are working on. The private group, tho, is EXCLUSIVE FOR MEMBERS. This means that we are going to check if people that request joining are active members of the association. In this private group, we will inform about exclusive events for GAIA members and job vacancies that we gather or that other members find. This will also be an open environment for the members to create discussions, make suggestions, share news/vacancies. 

Some basic rules

We encourage our members to be active in the group, but we request politeness and respect at all moments. 

GAIA's profile will not make connections. It is only possible to follow the profile (instructions, see below).

How do I join the group or follow the profile?

We have created some instructions to make the process easy. This instructions can be found on the following lines and, with illustrations, on the image of the post.

To join the private group:

  • Search for "GAIA, Network for female Geoscientists / Vrouwen uit de Aardwetenschappen" or click on this link and request to join.
  • Normally, our feeds are pretty busy and we do not want you to miss our events. We recommend to click on the bell sign in order to get notifications when we make new post on the wall.

To follow the GAIA profile:

  1. Search for GAIA on the upper tab of LinkedIn, right next to the Linkedin logo or click directly on this link
  2. Limit the search by clicking on "People"
  3. Enter to the profile
  4. Go to "More..." section that you will find next to Connect and Message.
  5. Click on "Follow"

We are looking forward to seeing you digitally in social media and online events, and, hopefully, soon also face-to-face. Keep updated with the events, there is a lot coming!


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